Our Story

This is not a fashion brand. This is the evolution of a broken industry. We transform end-of-use textiles into a symbol of sustainability, creating positive change through intentional design. Every purchase helps provide work and skills training to people who face barriers to employment. We are rethinking what it means to shop, remanufacturing what others have thrown away, and reclaiming our Worth.

Our Mission

To educate the next generation of consumers on the social and environmental impact associated with  hyper-consumerism and fast fashion.

Our Vision

To fuel a sustainable, ethical, and environmentally conscious industry.

Our Values

Transparency | Empathy | Community | Sustainability | Worth


Fair Wage

Plus Benefits

For the People

For too long, we’ve accepted that our clothes are made by underpaid workers working in difficult conditions. But that stops here. All of our remanufactured items are produced by Goodwill Industries, in our facility in London, Ontario, Canada, where we operate a social benefits program that focuses on skills training, functional language education, and meaningful work for newcomers to Canada and individuals who face barriers to employment. 

For the Planet

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, and the environmental damage is increasing as the industry grows. Our mission is to lessen the demand for fast fashion in favour of a more sustainable alternative. We design timeless products using end-of-use textiles that were rescued from post retail and reuse streams. Using 100% of the articles collected, our zero-waste, fully circular approach relies on the idea that items have worth even after they’ve been discarded.




Pounds Diverted
From Landfill



Jobs Created

For the Community

Worth is a non-profit initiative powered by Goodwill Industries in partnership with Fanshawe College, Western University, and funded by the Federal Government and City of London. All proceeds help provide work opportunities, skills development and family strengthening for people who face barriers such as disability or social disadvantage with the aim of advancing individuals, families and communities toward self-sufficiency and prosperity.

Powered by Circularity

Did you know that not all of the clothes donated to Goodwill don’t get sold? Instead, these unwanted textiles head for the aftermarket stream often traveling to other countries, wasting energy and polluting our plant. But we are changing that. At WORTH, we believe in a holistic approach to fashion. We intentionally design products using donated materials, remanufacture them into items worth loving, and resell them to fund our skills training program. Then, when their lifecycle is up, we welcome them back through the donation stream to start the process over again.



WORTH began as a collaborative research project between Fanshawe College and Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes in London, Ont. Canada. Together, we set out to create a brand that defied the harsh realities of the fashion industry – one that diverted from landfills instead of adding to them; one that designed with intention and care; one that created opportunities for skilled workers to earn their worth. And that is exactly what we did.

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