Worth for planet

Worth operates with a zero waste model, upcycling end-of-use textiles, using 100% of the articles collected, and reimagining them into an assortment of products.  We're diverting items from landfill - items that still have worth, and are providing intentional design to embrace their full potential.

worth for people

Worth thrives to build a connection with the maker, valuing their talent and worth, and embracing their potential. Our team of sewers and designers work out of our facility in London, Ontario, Canada, where we operate a social benefits program that focuses on newcomer skills training, functional language education, and a supportive workplace culture with fair wages and benefits.  

worth for community

Worth is a non-profit collaboration of Fanshawe College’s Faculty of Creative Industries and Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes. All proceeds help Goodwill provide work opportunities, skills development and employee and family strengthening for those who face barriers such as disability or social disadvantage; with the aim of advancing individuals, families and communities toward self-sufficiency and prosperity.  

Goodwill - Fanshawe partnership logos


our mission

 Using the power of story to communicate the importance of social programs, textile diversion, intentional design, and social enterprise to recognize the value of people and their contributions to our community.

our vision

To educate about the social and environmental impact associated with the hyper-consumerism of fast-fashion and its impact both domestically and abroad to make positive change

shared values

A consideration of a broader perspective than self. Valuing “community” and our individual impact upon it. Cradle to cradleTM design to mitigate environmental impact. Social Enterprise and Circularity: humanity, mindful materials & manufacturing. Participation in a community of WORTH.




our founders
Worth came to life with the assistance of many important people and organizations, beginning with co-founders Jennifer Wright and Meredith Jones. Jennifer and Meredith are currently Fashion Design professors at Fanshawe College, and - along with Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes - spearheaded the idea of Worth and its creation. Together, the Worth model was created, and focused on promoting circular economy through intentional design, social benefits, and textile diversion.

community supportWith the additional assistance of The Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) in Fanshawe College’s Research Office, Worth was able to receive curated outside funding to support the Worth programs.

Worth’s partnership with Cross-Cultural Learning Centre (CCLC) also provided for promotion of these programs, which focused on assisting Newcomers to learn about the opportunity to be part of Worth.

In addition to guidance from professors at the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business and the Community Consultancy Program available at Fanshawe, Worth’s marketing needs were identified and established to bring Worth to life.Fanshawe Centre for Research & Innovation